Save a Tree


Did you know the average U.S office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper in a year?
That's quite a mountain.
Make it a habit not to print unless its you absolutely have to.

When you do print you can either print on both sides or switch to draft mode to save on ink.

Arbor Day Tree

Ways to Reduce Paper Usage

  • Cancel catalogs that arrive by mail. You can visit these sites to have your catalogs stopped: Catalog Choice and DMA Choice.
  • Subscribe to online versions of trade magazines or newspapers.
  • Switch to paperless or online billing for your credit cards, bank statements or other forms of billing.
  • Use the back sides on non-confidential papers as scrap/note paper.
Adopt a Tree

Plant a Tree

You can also plant a tree, shrub or start a garden. Adding more plant life to your environment can potentially help provide more oxygen and counter-balance harmful CO2 in the atmosphere. On top of that you would be adding to the beauty of your home and the City as well.

Planting trees around your house can provide a shade buffer between the sun and your walls reducing energy costs.

Additional Facts

Did you Know? Every year people throw away 24 million tons of leaves and grass that could be composted.