Save Fuel - Save the Planet


  • Drive smart; Hybrid cars can get up to 50 miles per gallon; twice as much fuel efficiency as the average car.
  • Keep in mind that driving at or below the speed limit will use less fuel than speeding.
  • Reducing your speed by a mere 5 mph can reduce fuel consumption by up to 7%.

Tips for Saving

  • Don't idle. If you have to stop for an extended period turn off your vehicle.
  • Perform preventative maintenance. If you keep your car running smooth you can save on fuel. Make sure your car is tuned-up regularly; align the tires and have them adequately inflated. Don't forget to check your air filter too.
  • Whenever possible plan your trips for fuel and time efficiency.
  • Why not try car pooling to save on fuel costs and reduce emissions? Who knows, it just might make your drive into work more fun.
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Public Transportation

Aside from the cost savings you can let someone else deal with the traffic headaches. Many of the newer buses even have WiFi so you can keep in touch while in transit.

Miami Dade Transit

Ride a Bike

Choose a healthy alternative; walk or ride a bike when distance, time or weather permit.