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Neighborhood Map

Each of North Miami Beach's thirteen neighborhoods has a distinctive flavor. This strong sense of neighborhood identity is increased by neighborhood community centers, resource centers, and enterprising community groups dedicated to enhancing NMB's "small town in a big city" feel.

Interactive Map

This Map is a courtesy of and NASA Regional Application Center at FIU. Use it to view aerial imagery and get extensive local information. Locate your area of interest by entering the address in the address bar and clicking the "go" button, then 'fly' or pan to the desired location. Zoom in or out, by clicking the '+' or '-' buttons. Double click on any location to get information about the area, including parcels records, county property records, homes for sale, public and private schools in the area, entertainment and census data. Use the layers panel on the right side of the Map to see the population in a block, owner's names, the year that the property was built or remodeled, prices and square footage, overlaid on rooftops.