Trespass After Warning Program

About the Program

This program is available only to commercial properties and/or multi-family residential properties within the city limits of North Miami Beach.

This program allows the property owner to sign the Taw Form giving authority to all North Miami Beach Police Officers to demand that unauthorized persons leave the property in question or be subject to arrest under Florida State Statute 810.09.

(Not Official Program Sign)

No Trespassing Sign

The Taw Form can only be signed by the property owner of record (manager, landlords, etc. cannot sign the affidavit). The affidavit must then be notarized and the original kept on file at the North Miami Beach Police Department. In the case of a condominium, the condo president must sign the affidavit.

The only signs authorized for use in this program are sold by the NMBPD and cost $45 each. (No other signs are legally enforceable).

Please download a copy of the application below and associated instructions. Please read and follow the instructions carefully. Once the original, signed and notarized application is received by the NMBPD, the signs may be purchased and installed.

Installation and maintenance of the signs is the responsibility of the property owner.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 305-948-2955.