Track Water Use

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Get Instant Access to Your Current Water Use

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With the iTron system you can:

  1. Monitor water use
  2. Receive water use alerts
  3. View water use
  4. Compare your use with average users

If you already have an iTron account, login to the portal.

To register, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your billing account and meter number.
  2. Create a unique user name and password.
  3. The password must be:
    • At least seven (7) characters in length
    • Must include at least one (1) special character, such as an exclamation mark, asterisk, dollar sign, or any other special character
    • The user name is not case sensitive
    • The password is case sensitive
  4. Enter and confirm your email address.
  5. The account holder’s first and last names are optional.
  6. Select a secret question from the pull-down menu and provide an answer.  
  7. This is used to verify your identity if you forget your password.
  8. Click the REGISTER button at the bottom of the page to complete your registration.
  9. Confirm your registration.
  10. After clicking the REGISTER button, you will see a summary of your registration.  If your registration is unsuccessful, review the red highlighted information boxes and make corrections.
  11. Review the Terms and Conditions.
  12. Review the Terms and Conditions, and then check the box stating you’ve done so, and then click OK.

You will receive on-screen confirmation that you have successfully registered and a login screen will appear.  Use your newly created user name and password to access your personal web portal.