Color Issues

NMB Water is fortunate to utilize an advanced water treatment process to produce outstanding drinking water.With any water system, over time a fine layer of organic sediment can deposit along the bottom of water distribution mains.Additionally, any cast iron pipes in the water distribution system will slowly degrade over time, allowing small rust particle to deposit along the bottom of the mains.  

On rare occasions, these fine organic and iron sediments can get stirred up and cause discolored water.When this happens, customers commonly describe their water as “dirty” or rusty in color. 

Sediment can be stirred up when the direction or flow of water changes in the water mains. Common causes include hydrant use, hydrant replacement, valve turning, routine maintenance, firefighting, main breaks, or nearby construction.

Discoloration does not necessarily mean your water has become unhealthful. Despite its appearance, this does not indicate that the water is unsafe or that the integrity of the water main has been compromised Many sources of tap water discoloration are listed in the Environmental Protection Agency’s “secondary standards,” which recommend maximum levels for 15 contaminants that may affect color, odor or taste –but will not hurt your health.A disinfectant residual is maintained at all times to ensure that the water is safe for household use, including cooking and drinking. For aesthetic reasons, you should avoid doing laundry until the water clears up.In most cases the water will clear on its own within a couple of hours. 

In most cases the water will clear on its own within a couple of hours.

If your water is discolored:

  • Use the water to flush toilets, but avoid running the water through filters, hot water heaters,and especially washing machines as discoloration of clothing may occur.
  • Wait an hour for the system to settle, then run water at one tap for 2-3 minutes to see if it clears.If it does not clear, wait another hour and try again. When the water runs clear, run water throughout the house to flush any sediment that may have been drawn into your pipes.
  • If the water does not clear in a few hours, or if there is also a significant loss of pressure, call the NMB Water Customer Service line at 305-948-2960.