Public Affairs & Community Engagement

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The Division of Public Affairs and Community Engagement is committed to providing excellent municipal services to the citizens of North Miami Beach by communicating the City’s Strategic Vision in a clear, accurate and consistent voice that engages residents across multiple communication channels. The Division works to integrate various department initiatives into marketing plans by building a cohesive message throughout all marketing and communications efforts.

The Division focuses on generating positive messages, enhancing and implementing city-wide branding strategies, image development, communications and public information for all media outlets. Through our centralized information portal, communication, marketing, and promotions, the Division will optimize the City’s media capital and identify additional resources to position the City for tourism, business attraction, and business retention.

Media Relations

The Division of Public Affairs & Community Engagement serves as the City’s spokesperson and coordinates media requests and responses.

City Website

The Division of Public Affairs & Community Engagement manages and coordinates the content on the City's website.

Social Media

The Division of Public Affairs & Community Engagement continues to produce fresh content and manages/coordinates content and responses for the City’s various social media sites.

Stay connected with the City's active and up-to-date Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as connect with other City facilities and departments.
View all our City accounts at-a-glance, as well as the City's social media and communications policy.

Public Relations

The Division of Public Affairs & Community Engagement utilizes the City’s main communication channels to communicate with our citizens about North Miami Beach’s successful programs and services as well as the overall high-quality of life in the community.


The Division of Public Affairs & Community Engagement enhances the City’s media strategy through multilingual content creation including marketing materials, informational flyers and posters, and multi-media content in an effort to better engage its residents, property owners, and businesses via a variety of platforms, including but not limited to radio, television, newsletters (both print and email), web streaming and social media.

Emergency Management

The Division of Public Affairs & Community Engagement works with public safety officials to coordinate communication and messaging during emergencies.