Message From NMB Water

On February 4, 2021, NMB Water officially completed the transition of all full-time City staff positions. We have maintained our day-to-day water plant facility, sewer services and customer service capabilities with no disruption to service. Several improvements have been implemented which will continue to allow our Utility department to provide exceptional service. Our current Capital Improvement Project plan includes an investment of about $100 million dollars in our infrastructure to help us continue to provide reliable service and high-quality  water to our customers. 

We are committed to delivering the best tasting water and award-winning support services. As we move forward from the transition we will ensure that our customers will continue to enjoy state-of-the-art improvements and investments in our infrastructure that are second to none.

We will continue to be transparent and trustworthy while managing the daily operations of this utility department. Our NMB Water team consists of skilled knowledgeable professionals with high expertise in their respective areas. We will continue to be responsive to the needs of our customers and regulatory agencies. 

Remember, our Customer Service teams stands ready to assist you. Please call us at (305) 948-2960

Thank you,

NMB Water