City Commission Meetings

Commission Chamber Dais
Podium with microphone facing a 7 seat dais.

Watch Meetings

These meetings are broadcast live for local Comcast customers on Channel 77, streamed live on the web, or may be viewed later in our Videos on Demand section.

Commission Conference

The City Commission will sometimes have a Commission Conference meeting prior to the City Commission Meeting.  Depending on the agenda topics, the starting time will vary. Commission Conference meetings are also held in the Commission Chambers.

Public Participation

The commission has a rule which does not allow discussion on any matter which is brought up under Public Comment. We are however, very happy to listen to you. The reason for this is that the commission must have staff input and prior knowledge as to facts and figures so that they can intelligently discuss a matter. The commission may wish to ask questions regarding this matter but will not be required to do so. At the next or subsequent commission meeting, you may, if you so desire, have one of the commissioners introduce your matter as his or her recommendation.

Speaking Before the City Commission

There is a 3 minute time limit for each speaker during all public hearings.  Your cooperation is appreciated in observing this 3 minute time limit policy.

If you have a matter you would like to discuss which requires more than 3 minutes, please feel free to arrange a meeting or appointment with the appropriate administrative or elected official.