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Technical Review of Applications for Development (TRAD) Agenda
17011 NE 19th Avenue, City Hall, City Commission, Chambers
North Miami Beach, Florida 33162
March 26, 2020

**This meeting is canceled. However, city staff will post below the application comments for the items on this agenda from all TRAD reviewers on Thursday, March 26, 2020**

Public Participation & COVID-19 Virus Safety

The City of North Miami Beach is implementing new public hearing participation protocols in order to protect those attending public meetings. City staff will use recommended social distancing techniques during the meeting to ensure everyone's safety. Below are alternative ways to participate in public meetings:
  • Live Stream Video:  https://www.citynmb.com/174/NMBTV-Live-Stream
  • Written/Email Comment: nmbcomdev@citynmb.com

Public Comments


Old Business


New Business

Please note that the following agenda items are an applicant's initial application submission to the City and do not represent the final application and/or site plan to be considered by the Planning and Zoning Board and City Commission. 

Intracoastal Mall Development Agreement & Master Development Plan by Dezer Intracoastal Mall, LLC. - 3501 NE 163 Street

All applications, plans, and documents are accessible on the Planning and Zoning Division webpage: 


Riverwalk North Miami Beach Site Plan by Biscayne Cove, LLC. - 16395 Biscayne Blvd.

All interested parties are invited to attend and participate in the Public Hearing(s). The items are on file and available for examination at the City Clerk’s Office, 17011 N.E. 19 Avenue, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162, Monday through Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM.  Questions and written comments can be made by calling 305.787.6001.  Any person who receives compensation, remuneration or expenses for conducting lobbying activities is required to register as a Lobbyist with the City Clerk prior to engaging in lobbying activities before City Boards, Committees, or the City Commission.  In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the City Clerk no later than two (2) days prior to the proceeding.  Telephone 305.787.6001 for assistance, if hearing impaired, telephone our TDD line 305.948.2909 for assistance. One or more members of other City Boards, Committees, or City Commission may attend this meeting.