What do I do if I have a sanitary sewer backup?

Regular Business Hours

During regular business hours:

  • Please call the Wastewater Division Office at 305-624-1177.

After Hours Assistance


  • Please call 305-652-6460. Our staff will take your name, address and telephone number and ask if the location has a clean out connection. If your clean out connection is accessible, someone will be dispatched to your home or business to investigate the situation, and determine the cause of the blockage.

Lateral Blockages

Please note that our staff will not enter your residence or business under any circumstance and that a clean out connection is required for the city to clear the lateral backup. If the City determines the lateral blockage is on the customer’s side of the connection (sewer pipe located on customer's property), the customer will have the option of hiring your own plumber to clear the line, or to utilize our crew for a nominal fee ($100 during business hours and $150 for after-hours, nights, weekends and holidays). Please remember, our crews cannot clear a lateral blockage if you don't have a clean out connection.

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1. What do I do if I have a sanitary sewer backup?