How do I make a complaint against an employee of the Police Department?

The North Miami Beach Police Department is interested in hearing from you and being accountable to our customers. There are two methods for investigating and resolving complaints against members of the Department. One method is informal, the other is formal.

Most complaints against employees can be resolved by the employee's supervisor. This is considered an informal investigation. In a formal investigation, the officer's Shift Commander meets with the employee and then determines the appropriate action to take to resolve the complaint. With more serious complaints of misconduct, the Shift Commander will take an initial statement from the complainant and then refer the incident to the Internal Affairs Unit for a formal investigation.

To make an informal complaint against an employee, please contact the North Miami Beach Police Department either in person at 16901 NE 19th Avenue, or by calling 305-949-5599 and ask to speak to a supervisor.

To make a formal complaint about an employee, you may pick up a Citizen's Complaint Affidavit in the station lobby, or contact the Internal Affairs Unit at: 305-787-6039. While the North Miami Beach Police Department encourages comments about our employees, it is difficult to conduct an investigation and make a determination based on anonymous information, due to a lack of complete information and victim/witness cooperation.

Please keep in mind that the filing of a complaint requires a sworn affidavit, under penalties of perjury, per Florida State Statutes in regards to knowingly providing false information, and may result in Civil and/or Criminal penalties.

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