What is a CERT?

A "CERT" is a group of people that is organized and receives special training for the purpose of enhancing their ability to recognize, respond to, and recover from a major emergency or disaster situation.

CERT is organized under the leadership of the fire protection or law enforcement authority having jurisdiction on the area where the CERT will operate.

CERT members are trained by Fire Department and/or Police Department certified officers in areas that will help the citizens take care of themselves and others should the need arise, during a major emergency or disaster.

As an organized team, CERT provides a valuable support function to the professional emergency responder whose arrival might be delayed due to the nature and/or scope of the event.

When a major emergency overwhelms normally available resources, response delays of hours or even days may occur; someone with "basic skills training" should be able to immediately assist those in distress.

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1. What is a CERT?
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6. Is it practical to train people just for disasters?
7. Do they really work as a team?
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