What part do the team members play?
  • Properly trained, they would:
  • Be better prepared to deal with events that might otherwise seem overwhelming.
  • Recognize the potential hazards associated with a particular type of event and take appropriate action.
  • Take steps to get to safety and/or help others to do so in a more organized fashion.
  • Assume a leadership role with those who are not trained to deal with the event.
  • Administer first aid and/or triage techniques.
  • Identify, Organize, and Utilize Available Resources.
  • Perform needs assessment, document and communicate to local authorities.
  • Assist others with the emotional distress, associated with major emergencies and disaster conditions.
  • Allow better allocation of emergency resources by being more capable of "sizing-up" a situation and properly advising emergency responders.

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3. What part do the team members play?
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