Is it practical to train people just for disasters?

Disaster is typically considered an event that causes injury, loss of life, and widespread damage. It almost always causes local resources to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the crisis.

In our daily lives, citizens unable to help others make up one of the principal elements that will overwhelm the emergency responders and their resources and will ultimately enhance the intensity of the disaster at a personal and professional level.

  • Not knowing what to do if a home is damaged.
  • Inability to implement and perform basic shock treatment techniques.
  • Inability to effectively prepare before a disaster and inability to recognize and identify basic danger signs in an area or in a situation after a major disaster

Citizens trained in the manner proposed should be able to deal more effectively with daily emergencies so they won't create that personal disaster or the professional disaster that could otherwise be the situation; and they can advise responders of the pre-emptive steps that have been taken.

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