How are teams formed?
  1. The graduate of the CERT Program is made aware of the problems that they could face during a major emergency. They share this information with friends in their neighborhood.
  2. As these friends learn of the availability of information that could enhance their family's safety, interest in certain areas of personal preference or potential expertise emerges.
  3. People will seek new knowledge in areas that they find of interest or that they are capable of performing. Some people are good at "hands-on" tasks; others feel comfortable with leadership, support or documentation duties.
  4. The American public enjoys a challenge, especially a challenge that makes them feel philanthropic, or gives them a feeling of the "right to belong" to the community where they live.
  5. As the interest in this "new challenge" grows, so do the number of people that want to belong to this "New Team" that is emerging in their neighborhood.
  6. Leaders are appointed, tasks are assigned, and training is scheduled so that everybody feels better about their ability to be prepared; and be a part of the "Team."

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8. How are teams formed?
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