Is anybody else doing this?

Many cities around the country have implemented this program to help their citizens’ deal more effectively with disaster.

if you are interested in becoming a member of our CERT or have any questions about our program, please call us at 305-948-2955 or complete and submit the form below. One of our officers will contact you in the near future to discuss our program.

A formal application must be completed to become a member of our CERT. Successfully completing a background investigation is also required.

You must fill in either a phone number or email address for us to contact you.

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1. What is a CERT?
2. What substantiates the need for CERT?
3. What part do the team members play?
4. Where do we find team members?
5. How will members of the team be trained?
6. Is it practical to train people just for disasters?
7. Do they really work as a team?
8. How are teams formed?
9. Is anybody else doing this?