How Do We Get Started?

Understand Community Policing

Ideally, members of a community desiring a transition to community policing have a basic understanding of the philosophy underlying it and the strategies required to make it work. There is no single recipe for successful community policing implementation. The appropriate implementation strategy will depend, in part, on conditions within your law enforcement agency and your community. However, common to all community policing strategies are the three core components of problem solving, community partnership and change management. The basic requirements of these components are communication, cooperation, coordination, collaboration and change. Getting started requires a commitment to this community policing strategy.

Talk About It

Communication is the foundation for cooperation, coordination, collaboration and change. It is important to start communication early in the community policing implementation process.

If you are a civilian, contact the North Miami Beach Police Department to discuss its community policing efforts. Ask them how you, as a member of the community, can assist them in addressing the problems of concern to you in your neighborhood.

Community Policing Unit - Neighborhhod Map

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