Monthly Billing – Frequently Asked Questions – English

1. Will all NMB Water customers receive monthly bills?

Yes. Only residential NMB Water customers will need to be converted receive monthly bills. 

2. Do more frequent bills mean that I will be paying more for my water?

No. You will not be paying more because you receive monthly bills. Instead of paying your bill every three months, you will pay for the water you each month.

3. Will my water bill look different?

No. Your water bill will look the same. The only difference is your bill will reflect one month of usage instead of three. The bill will still contain water charges and related fees for your actual usage.

4. I will need to make payments more often and use more postage. How can I save time and money?

Yes. Payment is required monthly but should be lower than quarterly bills. You can save time by paying your bill through the web portal at and sign up for recurring payment.

5. Do I have the same amount of time to pay my bill before it becomes past due?

Yes. Now that you are on a monthly billing cycle, your bills will be smaller every month, but you still have 20 days to pay the bill before it is considered past due.

6. Will the monthly bills be due on the same day each month?

Yes. The monthly bills will be mailed out by the 3rd and are due by the 23rd of the month. If the 23rd falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday the due date is the next business day.

7. Are there benefits to receiving bills monthly instead of quarterly?

Yes, there are several benefits to monthly billing. Monthly bills provide customers with more frequent and timely information about their water use. This can assist NMB Water customers with more efficient household budgeting, less fluctuation in billing amounts especially after periods of heavy use, and ability to detect possible water leaks quickly. By noticing that water use is higher than average, customers can detect potential problems quickly and eliminate costly bills.

8. Why do I see a previous balance on my account when I paid my bill on the 30th? 

Due to printing and mail time, NMB Water has to process the bills on or after the 25th of the month; which is why payments made after the 25th of the month may not be reflected in the total due.

9. May I have an extension to pay my first monthly bill, so that I may adjust my budget?

If you desire, you will be able to postpone your first monthly bill payment until December 31, 2018, with no penalty.

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