Is location properly zoned?

Another important step is ensuring that the proposed location for the business is in a zoning district where the type of business is permitted. We encourage you to check whether the property is zoned for your type of business. Please contact our Community Development Department at 305-948-2966 or schedule an appointment to meet with our knowledgeable staff members. This will not only assure that the use is permitted but will also assist in expediting your process.

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1. Is location properly zoned?
2. Does occupancy meet Florida Building Code?
3. Who is required to have a BTR?
4. How long will it take to obtain my license and what are the costs associated with obtaining a BTR.
5. What documentation will be needed at time filing?
6. When do I need a fire inspection?
7. Will an inspections be required?
8. Will we need a Certificate of Use?
9. Is the application process and license fee required on a yearly basis?
10. Can I register multiple businesses from one location?
11. Are there uses that are not permitted in certain locations?
12. Do you issue temporary Business Tax Receipts?