Will there be lost jobs and benefits?

No, just as the City handled contracting Sanitation services in December 2015, we will require any firm to transition every single current hourly employee provided that they pass standard employment screens (e.g. drug, background, physical).

Current salaried management and salaried support staff will be evaluated to determine if they are a good fit within the new organization. Current salaried employees may end up in different roles or positions with the new company or remain with the City. Every effort will be made to have the selected firm retain as many salaried employees as possible.

Regardless of whether the position is hourly or salaried, the City will ensure in contract negotiations that salaries are not cut; additionally, certain salaries may increase as we work to ensure the former employees are at market competitive rates.

Former employees will be offered similar benefits (e.g. medical, dental, etc.) including a 401(k) retirement plan in lieu of their current City pension. A 401(k) is a portable and flexible benefit under the employee’s control.

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