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City Clerk

  1. Public Records Request (Office of the City Clerk)
  1. Virtual Public Meeting Registration (to be completed by 4pm on Commission meeting day)

    Please use this form to register your interest in attending a virtual meeting for the purposes of providing public comment. Understand... More…

Community Redevelopment Agency

  1. Commercial Property Improvement Program Application

    The Commercial Property Improvement Program Application allows individuals to submit a CRA Commercial Grant Application. It’s detailed... More…

Contact Us

  1. How Are We Doing?

    Our citizens and businesses are important to us, and we want to know how we are doing. We strive to do the best we can and if we are... More…


  1. Material Request Form

    Don't see an eBook / Audiobook title that you were interested in? Use this form to make a request to make a specific title available to... More…

  1. Tech Support Request Form

    If you require further assistance, please complete the OverDrive Help Request form below and we'll troubleshoot the problem you are... More…

Planning & Zoning

  1. Special Event Application

    If you are submitting the application and a copy of the site plan via the mail or by hand delivering the documents to the Police... More…


  1. Abandoned Shopping Cart Report Form

    Abandoned shopping carts are an eyesore and the illegal use of these carts costs all of us money. If you find an abandoned shopping... More…

  2. Citizen's Radar / Traffic Enforcement Request
  3. Community Emergency Response Team
  4. Hire an Off-Duty Officer
  5. Neighborhood Crime Watch Signup Form

    Neighborhood Crime Watch is a police department recommended program that operates most effectively at the neighborhood level by the... More…

  6. Public Records Request Form,

  7. Report a Crime
  8. Security Survey Request Form

    Use this form to request a security survey of your property.

  1. Business Crime Watch Signup Form

    The North Miami Beach Police Department has started this unique program that includes daily emails to city businesses which are signed... More…

  2. Commend or Complain about the Performance of a Police Department Employee
  3. Crime Prevention Training or Speaker Request Form

    The Speakers Bureau of the Crime Prevention Unit offers lectures to civic groups, schools, business groups, community groups,... More…

  4. Home Vacation Check Request Form

    The North Miami Beach Police Department will conduct a check of your home while you are on vacation or out of town during the time... More…

  5. Police Volunteer Form
  6. Questions, Comments or Concerns
  7. Report a Parking Violation
  8. Self-Defense Awareness for Women Class Request Form

    Self-Defense Awareness and Familiarization Exchange (SAFE) is an unparalleled 2-hour educational awareness, crime-victim prevention... More…