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Façade and Business Site Improvement Program

  1. 21.11.19 NMB CRA Logo
  2. North Miami Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Façade and Business Site Improvement Program Application
  3. Section I: Applicant
  4. The folio number starts with Zero Seven (07) and can be found at the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser:
  5. Does the applicant own property?*
  6. (If different) Signature authorizes participation in the program by applicant.

  7. Please Note

    Property to be improved must be free of all municipal and county liens, judgments or encumbrances of any kind. This provision can be waived by the CRA Board of Commissioners if development plans for said property meets the goals and objectives as set forth in the CRA Strategic Finance Action Plan or CRA Plan. Upon grant approval, said property must remain free of all municipal and county liens, judgments or encumbrances of any kind under the term of the agreement.

  8. 21.11.19 NMB CRA Logo
  9. North Miami Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Commercial Property Improvement Program
  10. I. Purpose

    The Façade & Business Site Improvement Program encourages business owners and/or property owners in the North Miami Beach Community Redevelopment District to enhance their existing business sites through exterior improvements. 

    Commercial properties and businesses (i.e. retail and restaurant) within the North Miami Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Phase I target areas are eligible to participate in this program. These businesses and/or properties must be located within the following target areas: 

    • NE 19th Ave. 
    • North of the Canal 
    • South of the Canal 

    Applicants meeting the location criteria under this program will have preference to ensure maximum impact to the district. As the programming and budget develops in the future, Phase II of this program may expand to other target areas as well. 

    The program will open January 1, 2021, and will continue with each Fiscal Year Budget approval of the Incentive Programs or until funding is depleted. The program is open to property owners and existing commercial enterprises outlined above operating within the North Miami Beach CRA District. Façade and Business Site Improvement Program grants help defray the costs of exterior improvements and project related engineering, architectural and permitting costs associated with this type of development. 

  11. II. General Provisions

    The funding assistance provided under the Façade & Business Site Improvement Program is solely on a reimbursement basis. The CRA has the exclusive authority to approve or deny Program applications based on its determination as to the benefits to the North Miami Beach CRA District produced by requested projects. The CRA may impose any conditions of approval it deems suitable to protect the interests of the agency, including a duly executed contract. 

    Applicants awarded funds under this program agree to complete the project for which assistance was provided according to the scope of work documents submitted in the application. All work must be performed in a first-class workmanlike manner in compliance with ordinances and regulations of the City of North Miami Beach, and must meet all building and other applicable codes. 

    Eligible improvements include aesthetic improvements to the building structure, such as exterior painting, installation of awnings, new windows and/or doors and building signage. Adjoining parking lots, sidewalks and landscaping are ineligible as stand-alone projects; however, they may be included in conjunction with the overall physical façade improvements to the structure. 

    Applicants are encouraged to speak with CRA staff to discuss their project qualifications and eligibility for reimbursement under the Program before applying. Please be advised that non-profit organizations and tax-exempt properties are not eligible for incentive programs. 

  12. III. Criteria Considered

    Criteria considered when reviewing applications include, but are not limited to: 

    1. a. Compatibility with development plan(s) and guidelines, e.g. NMBCRA Redevelopment Plan; 
    2. b. The visual impact of the project on the area; 
    3. c. The project’s likelihood of completion; 
    4. d. The amount of private resources invested in the project; 
    5. e. The number of new jobs created as a result of the project, especially for area residents; 
    6. f. The need for the project based on the property’s condition and location; 
    7. g. The beneficial impact the completion of the proposed project will have on the property and the surrounding area; 
    8. h. The Applicant’s relationship to, or interest in, the property to be improved. 
  13. IV. Funding Guidelines

    Approved applicants may receive reimbursement for 80 % of their eligible project costs, up to a maximum award of $20,000 per address. For Example: 

    Total Project Cost CRA Contribution Applicant Contribution 

    $25,000.00 $20,000.00 $5,000.00 

    $10,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $2,000.00 

    $ 5,000.00 $ 4,000.00 $1,000.00 

    The maximum total CRA Contribution will be $60,000 for single owned contiguous property folio(s). For example, if the applicant’s property has 4 addresses and the project cost is $100,000 then the maximum grant award will be $60,000. 

    Program assistance is available based on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to project eligibility, application completeness and the availability of funds. There is no guarantee that funding will be available for every application submitted, including those that meet the required criteria. 

    Assistance from the Façade and Business Site Improvement Program, at the sole discretion of the CRA, may be combined with subsidies from other public or private programs. Assistance from other sources may serve as the CRA’s required matching funds. Funding for approved projects may be carried out from one fiscal year to the next at the sole discretion of the CRA. 

  14. V. Application Checklist

    Every application package must include the following items before it will be processed and considered for approval: 

    • Signed and completed application form 
    • Business Plan or Executive Summary, including a narrative describing the business, its operations, and its business principles 
    • Sketch or rendering of proposed improvements 
    • Current digital photograph of existing property conditions 
    • Detailed 3-year budget projections of revenues and expenses (may not be necessary for long-term property owners) 
    • North Miami Beach Business License 
    • Confirmation that property is free of all county, municipal, liens and judgments 
    • Historical financials for 3 years (in a sealed envelope – existing businesses only, may not be necessary for long-term property owners) 
    • Copy of signed multi-year lease (including express written permission from the property owner to make changes outlined in the project), or copy of Warranty Deed showing ownership of the property by the business owner 
    • Narrative description of entire project being undertaken, including sources of financing 
    • Detailed budget for entire project including detailed breakdown of exterior improvements for which reimbursement is being requested from Program 
    • Two bids/quotes from 2 licensed contractors, with a completed contract with one of them 
    • Copy of lease agreement if applicable, with at least two years remaining on term 
  15. VI. Eligible Expenses

    Façade and Business Site Improvement projects must be substantial improvement projects that enhance the visual impact of the property. Only those expenses concerning exterior improvements to business structures will be considered for funding. These expenses include, but are not limited to: 

    • Brick or textured pavement 
    • Demolition and construction for new entrances or exits 
    • Awnings (including the removal of old awnings and installation of new fabric awnings) 
    • New doors or replacements 
    • Removal of deteriorated building materials such as plywood, metal or stucco 
    • Fees – site design, engineering, permitting 
    • Landscaping expenses – design fees, installation, material purchases, irrigation 
    • Exterior repair, stucco and painting 
    • Exterior window upgrades 
    • Costs associated with installation and improvement of parking, driveways, sidewalks 
    • Exterior lighting and related electrical work 
    • Building signage (not tenant signage) 
  16. before


  17. after


  18. VII. Ineligible Expenses

    The following items are examples of what will not be considered for funding by the Program: 

    • Work performed that is not consistent with the Design Guidelines for the CRA pursuant to the Community Redevelopment Plan and the City’s Land Use and Development Regulations 
    • Sweat equity (i.e., reimbursement for applicant’s own labor in performance of renovation work or new construction) 
    • General maintenance 
    • Business payroll 
    • Any interior improvements or repairs 
    • Purchases of equipment, inventory, furnishings, decorations or supplies (non fixed improvements) 
    • Purchase of real property 
    • Rent, lease or mortgage payments 
    • HVAC repair and/or replacement 
    • Security system repair and/or replacement 
    • Roof repair, replacement or other roof modifications 
  19. VIII. Application Processing Procedure

    The CRA will adhere to the following procedural steps when processing applications for assistance under the Façade and Business Site Improvement Program. Applicants are free to discuss the application process with staff prior to submitting an application. 

    1. Applicant completes application and submits it to CRA staff, along with completed checklist items. 

    2. CRA staff reviews the submitted application package for eligibility and completeness. 

    3. CRA staff brings eligible and complete application packages to the North Miami Beach CRA Advisory Board for input and recommendations for funding based on criteria outlined in Section III. 

    4. CRA staff brings application packages that have received recommendations for funding to the CRA Board for approval. 

    5. CRA staff provides a written notification to applicants of approval or denial of funding. If funding is denied, the reason(s) will be stated in the written notification. 

    It is anticipated that application packages will be reviewed and presented to the North Miami Beach CRA Advisory Board within approximately 45 days after receipt by staff. 6 

    Those applications receiving funding recommendations will be presented to the CRA Board for approval no later than the second CRA Board meeting following the CRA Advisory Board meeting at which the application received a recommendation for funding. The determination for funding made by the CRA Board is final. If an application is denied funding, the business owner may apply again after one year has elapsed after the submittal date of the denied application. If an application is granted funding, the business submitting the successful application may not apply again for funding until 3 years has elapsed after the date the CRA Board approved funding. 

  20. IX. Reimbursement Process

    Applicants for funding should carefully consider the reimbursement process for funding when establishing their timelines for projects that seek Program assistance. It is important to remember that, when contemplating a project, financing should be arranged before work is actually started. If a business owner intends to finance a project with a loan, the CRA may write a letter notifying the lender that a project has been approved for funding under the Program, but that the funding is on a reimbursement basis. 

    • Grant funds are dispersed on a reimbursement basis for eligible and pre-approved expenses only. 
    • No grant funds will be dispersed prior to inspection and receipt of final approvals by the City’s Building Department, and any other required final approval, if applicable. For extensive renovation, reimbursement may be provided in three (3) draw schedules provided inspections from appropriate government agencies have been approved for work completed and work has been done in a first-class workmanlike manner. Final inspections from appropriate government agencies will need to be approved for final draw. 
    • To receive a reimbursement, grantees must submit a detailed work invoice with proof of payment to the selected contractor in the application package for completed work in the form of a cancelled check, credit card statement, or vendor certification of payment (vendor’s paid receipt) and a General Contractor’s Waiver. Disbursements of the Grant proceeds may be made on a reimbursement basis or paid directly to the Service Provider, in accordance with the Scope of Services attached to application and provided applicant first approves of payment to Service Provider. Reimbursement is at the approved grant award rate of 80%, or a maximum of $20,000 for a maximum total project cost of $25,000 per address. 
    • All final approvals and requests for reimbursement must be received by the CRA no more than twenty-two months following approval of the application by the CRA. 
    • No assurances are given as to how soon reimbursement funds will be disbursed by the CRA after all required documentation has been submitted. 
  21. X. Commencement and Completion

    All work must commence within 12 months of application approval. If work has not commenced within 12 months, funds will be put back into program account and reassigned to other projects. Improvements must be completed 60 days prior to the end of the 24-month term of the Grant Agreement. 7 

    Should an applicant choose to engage the services of an agent (individual or company) to assist/represent applicant in this aspect of the process, the expenses for the agent’s service will be borne by the applicant. Such expenses are not reimbursable under the terms of any of the CRA’s incentive programs. CRA funds cannot be applied to services other than architecture, engineering, etc. related to the construction of the interior or exterior of the building. 

  22. IX. Time Certain Completion
    The approved applicant will have 180 days to complete all improvements. Should an applicant need an extension beyond the 180 days, a written request must be submitted to the CRA Executive Director or designee. The Executive Director or designee may administratively extend the period by 90 days. The successful applicant can appear before the CRA Board to request an extension longer than 90 days.
  23. X. Program Availability
    All applicants must receive CRA Board approval before CRA Staff issues a Notice to Proceed. This Program is subject to availability of funds. There is no waiting list. The Program applications will be reviewed and presented for approval on a first-come-first-served basis.
  24. XI. CRA Executive Director Authority
    The CRA Executive Director may modify this Program to:

    1. Require additional documentation from the applicant;
    2. Promote transparency;
    3. Create and update the Program’s application;
    4. Protect taxpayer money from misuse or potential fraud;
    5. Improve Program efficiency; and
    6. Convert and transition prior approved applicants to this newer Program.
  25. XII. Redevelopment Plan
    The authority for this Program is contained in the 2015 Amended Redevelopment Plan that was approved by Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners (“Areawide Commercial Improvement Programs,” page 18 and “Direct Financial Incentives to Stimulate Property Improvements” on page 25) on March 7th, 2017, through Resolution R-213-17, File Number 170254.
  26. XIII. Conflict of Interest
    The CRA Board has adopted the Miami-Dade County Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics. Applicants shall be governed by the Miami-Dade County Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Ordinance, as amended, any questions about potential conflicts of interest shall be directed to the CRA Attorney. Applicants with a conflict of interest, as determined by the CRA Attorney, shall be ineligible for the grant program.
  27. XIV. Caveats

    The CRA Board reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to:

    • Reject any and all Program applications;
    • Postpone or cancel the Program; and
    • Waive any irregularities in the application submitted for funding.

    The CRA Board reserves the right to request and evaluate additional information from any applicant after the submission deadline as the CRA Board deems necessary.

    • Properties listed for sale may not apply. Properties sold within twenty-four months of receiving grant funding must repay the full amount.

    • Prior to application submittal, a preliminary review of proposed renovations to property must be completed by the Planning Department.

    • After approval process, the CRA will provide the applicant with an approved Grant Agreement for signature. It is recommended that NO CONSTRUCTION begin until the Grant Agreement is signed by all parties. Improvements completed prior to approval by the CRA Board, may not be eligible for reimbursement.

    • If deemed necessary, the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) reserves the right to have the application and its contents evaluated and analyzed by an outside third party including but not limited to; the proposed business plan, partnership/ownership information with equity positions, mortgage on the property, lease agreements, letter of Intent from lending institution and any other documents provided by the applicant.

    • If your site plan or application request includes landscaping, the landscaping must be a species and variety of native plants that are drought tolerant, require little irrigation and withstand the environmental conditions of North Miami Beach. Irrigation systems must prevent over spray and water waste and it is recommended a drip irrigation system be installed.

    • Property to be improved must be free of all municipal and county liens, judgments or government encumbrances of any kind. This provision can be waived by the CRA Board of Commissioners if development plans for said property meets the goals and objectives as set forth in the CRA Strategic Finance Action Plan. Upon grant approval, said property must remain free of all municipal and county liens, judgments or encumbrances of any kind under the term of the agreement.

    I have read completely and understand the program, including the application guidelines and grant reimbursement process. 

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