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Business Crime Watch Signup Form

  1. About the Program
    The North Miami Beach Police Department has started this unique program that includes daily emails to city businesses which are signed up for the program. Participants can receive emails that detail various crimes reported (such as Armed Robbery, Burglary, Auto Burglary and Auto Theft) that may affect their particular business or business area. Business Crime Watch members that want to see crime in their neighborhood can visit our Crime Mapping Section to see crime activity in their area. To receive daily alerts on crime activity in your area, you must register for the alerts when you visit the Crime Mapping Section.
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  3. The Business Watch program has been well received by the business community and Police Investigators say that tips from the program have led to arrests in various cases.

    For additional Information contact the North Miami Beach Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit at 305-948-2955.

    Also, any business may set up a local Business Crime Watch by meeting with others businesses in their area on a regular basis. These meeting can also include visits by the police to discuss any problems or issues in the area. If you want guidance on how to set up a formal Business Crime Watch, please complete the section below.
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