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Neighborhood Crime Watch Signup Form

  1. About the Program
    Neighborhood Crime Watch is the telephone repairman, the newspaper-boy, the postman, the elevator operator, the professional, the secretary, the housewife, the merchant, the shopper, the anonymous person who sees but is not seen who knows what to do when he or she sees something suspicious.

    Neighborhood Crime Watch is a police department recommended program that operates most effectively at the neighborhood level by the group members themselves. They are the "eyes and ears" of the police department, telephoning the police at the first hint of suspicious incidents.
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  3. All a person needs to do is to start or join a Neighborhood Crime Watch in your area. You must be willing to give some time, to learn how to be a good neighbor and to participate in a continuing organized effort to stop crime before it starts. If you have the motivation to want to make your neighborhood safer, you should join Neighborhood Crime Watch today by contacting the police and asking how to start a group in your neighborhood.

    In many communities where there is a strong Neighborhood Crime Watch participation, where homes display a Neighborhood Crime Watch decal and where signs are displayed on street corners, crime has been reduced.

    A burglar, shortly after being arrested, remarked to the police that the neighborhoods that displayed the Citizen's Crime Watch signs made him nervous, thus he avoided those areas.
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