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Security Survey Request Form

  1. Business Security Surveys
    A thorough security survey is conducted of both the interior and exterior of the business; covering lighting, locks, and types of doors and windows. Also, exterior fencing, parking, alarms, and personnel security practices are reviewed. A confidential security survey report is provided for the business owner.
  2. Home Security Surveys
    A complete security survey of the home is conducted. The Crime Prevention Officer examines locks, doors, strike plates, and windows. Exterior and interior lighting are also examined, as well as shrubbery and fencing. Written suggestions on how to improve the security of the home are given.
  3. Request a Security Survey
    Our Crime Prevention Unit will provide upon request, a free security survey of your property. An adult must be present at your property for our Crime Prevention Officers to conduct the survey. Please complete and submit the form below and one of our officers will contact you to set up an appointment. Residential survey appointments can be made for the early evening hours, if needed.
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