Lino Diaz

Police Department
Title: Captain - Investigations Division
Phone: 305-949-5500 x2571

From 1995 to 1998, Captain Diaz began his law enforcement career as an officer in the Road Patrol Unit with the City of North Miami Police Department. In November 1998, Captain Diaz extended his skills and knowledge by joining the North Miami Beach Police Department (NMBPD).

In his tenure with the NMBPD, Captain Diaz served as an officer with the Road Patrol Unit, member of the Tactical Unit, Special Response Team (SRT), Honor Guard, Rapid Deployment Squad, Crime Suppression Team, Miami-Dade Police Department Robbery Intervention Detail, Street Intervention Narcotics Group Task Force, and Wolfpack Task Force.  Captain Diaz also served as a Public Information Officer and prior to being promoted, he served as a Police Sergeant in the Administrative and Operations Divisions. 

During his tenure with the NMBPD, Captain Diaz also assisted various task forces such as the Drug Enforcement Agency Task Force, Money Laundering Task Force, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office Gang Strike Force, and the NMBPD Vice, Intelligence, and Narcotics Unit. Additionally, Captain Diaz is also an instructor and teaches Special Weapons and Tactical team tactics to narcotics units serving search warrants around the country.  In October 2020, Captain Lino Diaz was promoted to the rank of Police Captain.

In September 2016, Captain Diaz was promoted to the rank of Police Sergeant, supervising the road patrol officers within the Operations Division. Shortly thereafter, Captain Diaz was transferred to the Administration Division as the Administrative Sergeant, handling any and all issues with the building that houses the NMBPD.   Captain Diaz was able to do so while serving as the SRT Team Leader.

In October 2020, Captain Diaz was promoted to the rank of Police Captain and is currently assigned to the Investigations Division, which is comprised of the Detective Bureau, Tactical Intelligence Unit, Tactical Apprehension Team, Intelligence and Public Information Officer.  In addition to his current position, Captain Diaz acts as the Commander for the SRT, Field Training Officer Program, and oversees the Body Worn Camera Pilot Program.  To summarize, Captain Diaz has been involved in numerous high liability units and understands and is committed to reducing the liability to the citizens, the city, agency, and officers.  Captain Diaz holds an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Administration and is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.




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