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1. What are your hours of operation?
2. How can I find out about City of North Miami Beach employment opportunities?
3. How do I apply for a position in the City of North Miami Beach?
4. Do I have to be a City of North Miami Beach resident to apply for employment?
5. I am a City of North Miami Beach resident, what documents do I need to submit to receive "residency preference" in the selection process?
6. What are the penalties for exaggerating or falsifying information and documents contained in an application form?
7. What opportunities do you have in law enforcement, and what are the requirements?
8. Do Veterans receive any preference during the selection process?
9. Will volunteer/internship experience count towards work experience for qualification purposes?
10. Do you make reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities?
11. Are drug tests required prior to employment?
12. How many employees does the City of North Miami Beach have?
13. How do I update information on my application if I changed my name or contact information?
14. Does the City of North Miami Beach have labor unions?
15. How frequently are city employees paid?